As you use your Touchtune Jukebox application, you may encounter problems in operating it or you may want the app to work in a way suitable for your lifestyle.

Here are some of the most common problems you are going to face and how Touchtunes Troubleshooting is done.

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1. Get Rid of Explicit Songs

If you are using your Touchtunes Jukebox and there are kids around, for sure you do not want to corrupt them while they are of tender age. You would not want a song full of explicit content being played randomly while you are away from the controls of the application. You can simply address this problem by filtering these music genres to prevent them from playing. Rock, rap and hip-hop songs are usually the ones who are loaded with the contents you do not want to be played. You may also have the option of listening to the edited version of “bleeped out” version of the song. Simply go to Music Filters where it is shown whether music with explicit content could be played on the jukebox, this feature is disabled by default so that any music could be played. Then disable the Allow Explicit Content to apply the music filter.

2. Forgot your Touchtunes Password?

This is not uncommon so do not worry that you are losing your memory. You may request a new one if you lose or forgot your password. It could be found from the login screen. Your previous password will now be invalid and then the new one becomes your password. Be sure to write it down somewhere safe so you will not need to repeat this process. The administrator may also reset passwords for their sub-users.

3. The desired price for the Touchtunes jukebox songs has not been set.

This application has a feature that allows you to have flexible pricing system and a multiple pricing scheme for use at a variety of time of use of the day. You can adjust prices during happy hours or during a certain day of the week. Go to CREDIT SETTINGS, and then set the dollar amount on the SET PRICE column for each level. If you have not followed the proper rules, the jukebox will automatically determine it by making the prices posted to appear in red. You are not allowed to exit this screen until you have placed a valid pricing for all levels.

4. The Touchtunes Remote Control does not work.

Touchtunes Jukebox has provided you with an RF-based remote control. This means that you do not need to directly point this to the device when using.It has a range of up to 200 feet and it is affected by barriers. Be sure that you have installed two 1.5 triple A batteries. See to it that you are using high quality alkaline batteries only.

5. The Touchtunes Jukebox does not have a sound.

Go ahead and check the amplifier. Is there a green light that has been turned on? If you do not see one, then you have to turn the amplifier on. You also have to be sure that it is plugged in on an electrical outlet. Take note that the amplifier is a separate device from the actual jukebox and may be in a different area.

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