Rowe Ami Jukebox is a brand with deep history. They started in 1909 and have proven to the world that they produce one of the best jukeboxes one could ever find in the market. Music has been very helpful to humans in relaxing, in communicating, expressing oneself, pointing out grievances towards the government, showing emotions be it sadness, happiness or anger. Music has been a way to expand our creativity in composing songs and the way we made it easy to access for most people. We would want that the music we make will be heard and would reach the ears and hearts of as many people as we can. We want our ideas to be heard, our emotions to be also felt by others and ideologies be spread throughout the globe.

There are many ways in reaching out to people. Radio for one has been here already for a long time and it has proven to be effective and then the television came along and soon internet streaming via applications or websites, some are for free or gratis and some to be paid through credit card or through banking. In the 1920’s, when music has started to grow its popularity, people wanted to listen to songs in bars, restaurants and other places where people gather for social meetings. During this era, people wanted to be able to be in control on what songs are to be played in these places. Then the jukebox came to existence. Thanks to Louis Glass and William S. Arnold who invented the nickel-in-the-slot phonograph. This is a coin operated device that plays music. Once it has received a coin in its slot it unlocks the mechanism and allows the listener to turn a crank that would simultaneously wind the spring motor. This allows the listener to select between records of their choice. It was in 1918 that an apparatus that automatically changes records was born. Rowe Ami Jukebox has made a remarkable fleet of models that collectors would love to have in their homes or anywhere they want to keep them either for show or for their own satisfaction. Rowe Ami has produced at around 319,000 jukeboxes from 1935-1979. There is a big possibility of finding one that you would like. You can easily search for it on the internet.

Here is a list RoweAmi Jukebox That You Should Have; R80, R90 and Cd100. These models were remarkable back in the day as it is still today. It holds a big value for being iconic in design.

The Rowe AMI R80 Fleetwood model first came into life in the 1970’s particularly in 1976 and could hold up to 200 selections because it has a capacity to store 100 records. Certain models could be easily found in some online sellers for about 400 dollars. If you are lucky enough you could find a mint condition model that would be a bang for every buck that you have spent. Another model that you should have is the Rowe AMI R90 Sapphire 90. You could easily notice that there is a leap in technological advancement and design from the R80. One of the later models made by Rowe AMI jukebox was the AMI Rowe Model Laserstar CD100-F and has come out into the market in 1996. It has a modern design with colorful styling in its façade.

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