Since the popularity of TouchTunes is emerging, you do not want to be left out by the society today. It is high time for you to join the trend of using this famous app. This app is not famous for no reason. Its popularity skyrocketed due to its services being offered which you cannot find elsewhere. When using this product you would want to be able to locate Touchtunes Jukebox locations near you and doing this is quite simple. Simply go to PlayStore and then type in TouchTunes and look for its application among the list of choices which seems to be the most legit. This could be determined by checking the reviews, read them and basing on what you see there. You be the judge. There is also a rating on the side of the app download interface. Download the TouchTunes app; make sure you have enough room for storage in your phone. Apps cannot be downloaded if you have insufficient room in your storage. If your phone settings is set to store by default any incoming file or data to the phone’s internal memory and you have insufficient room there, try setting it to be stored in your external storage or popularly known as SD card. Once you have done this, create an account directly from the app.

listening to music with Touchtunes

You may also go to their website at and you could find in their home page a location finder. Simply click on the Location Finder and input which city you are currently located and it will do the job for you in searching for the nearest TouchTunes Jukebox. In North America alone, there are over 65,000 TouchTunes Jukebox locations. The jukebox has a network of digital jukeboxes that has the power to enable anyone to control the music experience of over 65,000 bars, restaurants other places that have social gatherings and by this, anybody could be transformed into a DJ. TouchTunes is the leader in innovations regarding location based interactive entertainment.

TouchTunes has boasted that it has 2 million active users. This has made them one of the most used streaming services and the biggest in-venue streaming service. Another very popular streaming app is Spotify. Having said that TouchTunes and Spotify share a big part of users, it would be safe to say that a collaboration between these two audio streaming giants that they could connect to each other and share songs would be a great idea as this action would generate more possible users.

Prospective users or app subscribers would consider using either TouchTunes or Spotify or if these app giants are lucky, the subscribers will use both streaming app. When you connect your Spotify account with your TouchTunes app you will open doors to many amazing things as it will unlock some cool features. It will enable you to import your music from Spotify to TouchTune App to help you find songs in a shorter amount of time giving you better efficiency. To connect your Touchtunes to your Spotify account, be sure that you have also installed Spotify into your device. Then proceed to your touchstone app and look for the area where you can communicate your touchstone to your Spotify. You might like to check out Touchtunes remotes here.

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