Nowadays, there are several garage door openers available in the market. Because of these selections, you may be confused which garage door opener is best for you.To help you in choosing the best option that is suited for your garage, here are the things that you should put into consideration:

how to choose the best garage opener


1. Key Entry Pad

This feature is very useful when you unintentionally locked yourself out or if you prefer going inside through your garage door without using a key. You just have to enter the correct code and the door will immediately open. There are newer models which can be activated through reading one’s fingerprint. Moreover, keyless entry pads are placed outside the garage door.

2. Kind of Drive

There are three different kinds of drives for you to choose from: belt, chain, and screw.

Belt-drive openers re the most silent kind but they are the most expensive. Furthermore, they function with the use of a rubber belt.

Chain-drive openers are the most famous kind of garage door opener despite having the most traditional mechanisms. Some people, whose garage is located below a bedroom or close to a room where silence is needed, do not appreciate this drive because they are noisy to use. However, there are others who like chain-drive openers because they get to be warned that someone is going into the house whenever they hear that the garage door is being opened.

The noise produced and the costs of screw-drive openers are in between from those of belt-drive and chain-drive openers. This kind of garage door opener needs not much maintenance since it consists of only a small number of moving parts. Moreover, it is simple to install and you can even attach it yourself because it has a slender margin.

3. Power

A 1/2-horsepower garage door opener is excellent for the majority of standard two-car garage doors. As for me, I only utilize a lesser motor on a one-car garage that has a light door. For carriage doors and other heavy doors, a garage door opener with a 3/4-horsepower is the best to use. When you are skeptical of which to buy, then you may choose the one with more power since the price difference is not that big.

4. Security Features

A garage door equipped with a rolling feature is already common at present. Make sure that the garage door opener you purchase has this component installed so that you can prevent possible burglars from entering your house easily.

5. Door Size

garage door size


A standard door garage has a height of seven feet and a standard garage door opener can cover up to 13 feet. However, an extension kit is needed for taller doors.

6. Safety Features

Since 1993, a safety system has been necessitated on all garage door openers wherein they stop and reverses a closing door whenever an object passes beneath it. Hence, the ray of light is blocked across the opening. Because of this reversing system, damage to people, pets, and cars are prevented. The safety features of garage door openers should be properly maintained and regularly tested.

7. Lights

Standard models of garage door openers can operate with two 60-watt bulbs. But you may also use other types of openers which can function with two 100-watt bulbs. This aspect is not usually prioritized but you should put in mind that the garage door opener acts as the main source of light in the garage.

8. Remote Control

It is a standard for the latest garage door openers to have two remote control units. Some remote controls are equipped with several buttons which allows you to operate many doors. While other remote controls which only have one button works for a single purpose of opening one door.

9. Battery Backup

When you lose your electrical source, the backup battery does its job. Hence, you can still use the garage door opener even if there is an unavailability of electricity. However, this feature is only present in some garage door opener versions.

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