The living room in most homes will be the first place one would see when entering a home. This is where we entertain our guests and the place where we rest during our day offs. Here is where time is spent to relax, read newspapers, magazines, scan social media or watch your favorite team battle it out on the television set. These are the reasons on why one must keep their living room lively, colorful and outstanding. Here are some renovation tips that would make your living room stand out.

1. Rearrange

re arrange living room

This renovation technique in most cases would allow you to make your living room look new without spending a dollar. By changing the positions of your furniture, it would seem that you are in a different house. You can create space for new furniture. You can make your living room appear to have more room. This would make you breathe easier as you would feel that you are in an open space and not confined.

2. Add new and modern lighting

living room lights

Adding new lights is a great thing to do when you want to add life and character to your living room. It does not even have to be modern but it must be at least stylish. But I would highly recommend modern ones as new technology uses LED. LEDs are more energy efficient thus making it environment friendly. It lasts longer too. Your expenditure in bulbs would dramatically decrease.

3. Change color scheme

You may do this by either repainting the walls or by installing new wallpapers. Do whatever suits you best. If you are confident in your painting skills, do it. This would last longer and you would have a sense of pride every time you look at your wall thinking that the said wall is your masterpiece. Having faded or dull paint would make your living room seem dead. Paint it with lively colors that go with the colors of your furniture. Use an eye friendly color that is classy. Wallpapers are easier to install and remove if you have a change of heart.

4. Replace old furniture or fixtures

Fixing Furnitures

A worn out couch is a big no no. Who would want so sit on a couch whose foam padding is almost flat and gives no cushion? It defeats the purpose of seeking comfort in sitting there. Plus it is disgusting to the eyes. Replace handle pulls or knobs in your cabinets or drawers, an old one would make your living room look aged and ancient. It sucks the life out of your living room. Change window panes that are faded or cracked too. A cracked window pane poses threat to anyone who comes close as is breaks easily when one comes in contact with it.

5. Mind your step

If your floor tiles have cracks, chips or has faded. I think it is time to change your entire floor. Having a shiny and vibrant floor changes the vibe inside the living room. Choose a color and pattern that goes with the color of the paint of your wall. Be sure to seek help from a professional as this is not a do-it-yourself job. You would not want a crooked tile layout. Keep them tidy and shiny all the time by doing proper maintenance.

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